modifications / maintenance

Goals for my RS:

1. Bring a smile to my face each time behind the wheel.
2. Make total strangers come up to me and ask questions.
3. Run 11s in the 1/4 mile on 93 octane gas and street tires.
4. Complete multiple autox or lapping day sessions without issue.
5. Survive weekend trips around the Louisiana countryside on its crappy roads.

Planned future mods:

1. More power
2. Continue tasteful weight reduction

Cost of mods completed so far:

Current Cost of Mods = $18,720.02

Weight Reduction completed so far:

Current Certified Weight = 3,240 lb (7/8 tank of fuel)
Current Race Weight = 3,240 lb (7/8 tank of fuel)

Best 1/4 mile pass while modified: 12.826@109.54mph [Details Here]
Best 1/4 mile pass while completely stock: 13.499@102.15mph [Details Here]