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Why did your RS have a recall on the head gasket?

READ FIRST: Ford Head Gasket Recall Bulletin

In some of the affected vehicles in the recall, the cylinder head gasket may develop a coolant leak into the engine combustion chamber(s). A leaking cylinder head gasket may exhibit noticeable white smoke and/or low engine coolant level without an external leak.

Dealers are to pressure test the cooling system and replace the cylinder head gasket. Based on test results, some vehicles (like mine) may require a new cylinder head assembly. Although my RS coolant level never dropped, the Ford Tech put in his notes that this RS failed the pressure test threshold and required the cylinder head to be replaced. This service was performed on my RS at no charge by Ford. I was provided a free loaner/rental while the recall was being performed over 3 days.

Date Completed:



- G1FZ-6079-E Head gasket kit with cylinder head (contains all gaskets, seals and hardware needed to complete repair)
- TA-30 silicone sealant
- FL910S oil filter
- HPFP bolts (2)
- HP fuel tube
- Engine oil
- Antifreeze


- Whatever the Ford Tech had in his box(es).


1. Install took 3 days total.
2. I asked the tech to take pictures, but he only took one. Better than nothing!
3. Pic 1 = Coolant level (cold) the morning I dropped off the RS for the HG recall.
4. Pic 2 = Engine bay before the HG recall. Back to stockish. :)
5. Pic 3 = Mileage at the dealership dropping off for the HG recall.
6. Pic 4 = Engine block picture from Ford Tech.
7. Pic 5 = Emptied the UPR Catch Can when I got the RS home (40 ml at 4,953 miles).