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What is a SSC, and why did you add it to your RS?

The Mountune Sound Suppression Chamber (SSC) replaces the OE resonator found on the stock Honeywell turbocharger compressor housing. When an aftermarket high flow intake (filter or upgraded housing) is added to the Focus RS the increased flow causes a whistle effect across the factory OE resonator. To cancel out this annoying whistle Mountune has created this SSC. A few minutes cussing the factory Snap Ring and the job is done. REMOVAL OF THE PASSENGER WHEEL/TIRE IS NOT REQUIRED!

Date Completed:



- Mountune USA SSC Kit
- WD-40 classic mixture


- Snap Ring pliers
- 1/4" drive ratchet with 7mm socket
- 10,000 lb 2-post lift (optional)
*A friend for moral support is always optional.


1. Raise the car up on a 2-post lift or jack/jack stands.
2. Passenger side wheel/tire are NOT required to be removed.
3. Use the Snap Ring pliers to remove the existing snap ring from the stock resonator.
4. Remove the existing resonator from the Honeywell turbocharger compressor housing.
5. Spray WD-40 on the new hockey puck (black SSC base).
6. Insert the new SSC base into the turbocharger. Reinstall the stock snap ring.
7. Install the Mountune silicone end cap over the new, black SSC base.
8. Install the hose clamp.
9. Easily reversible back to stock.
10. Beware Stage 3 Weight Reduction racers - this product adds weight to the RS!
11. Not shown in picture #8 below is the reinstallation of the stock snap ring. Sorry!