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Why did you upgrade the spark plugs in your RS?

Because my tuner said so! Seriously, if you plan on modifying any turbo vehicle it is recommended to research a set of upgraded spark plugs. Benefits include consistent ignition corrections in the ECU, 1-step colder than factory, and greater knock prevention. Since I don't have the proper tools to properly gap a set of these new fancy schmancy aftermarket spark plugs I reached out to Adam at Tune+. He provided a set of Denso ITV22 1-step colder spark plugs, pre-gapped to Tune+ spec. I need all the help I can get to stay ahead of those pesky Subaru's and their rolling vape clouds, right?   >=op

Date Completed:



- Denso ITV22 spark plugs (4)
- Permatex Anti-Seize Lubricant
- Sweet Tea (optional)


- 7mm nutdriver
- 8mm nutdriver
- Flatblade screwdriver
- 8mm combination wrench (or remove additional intake coupling in pic #19)
- 1/4" drive ratchet with 8mm, 10mm sockets
- 3/8" drive ratchet, long extension, 5/8" spark plug socket
- Compressed air source, hose, and air blow gun (shop vac alternate)
- Roku shop TV with Pandora blaring (optional)
*A friend for moral support is always optional.


1. I recommend doing this with a totally cold RS engine (not run in a while).
2. Pictures are almost self explanatory with shots of each tool and highlighted work area(s).
3. Is your engine cover hard to remove? Mine sure is. I make a bunch of grunting noises and it finally pops off.
4. Remove the intake piping from the flex section to the clamp behind the engine. Leave the hard intake pipe to the turbo untouched.
5. Unplug the battery positive terminal before you unplug the (4) coil packs as an extra precaution from electrical gremlins.
6. Use a proper 5/8" spark plug socket with rubber insert. This keeps you from dropping the old or new spark plugs.
7. I included shots of my existing spark plugs with the gap on each (0.027-0.028").
8. As stated above I let Adam at Tune+ gap these plugs. I don't have the proper tool to gap this type of plug.
9. I couldn't find it in any manual, but I consider the cylinder layout to be 1-2-3-4 standing in front of the engine and looking left to right.
10. Take it easy on the Anti-Seize. That shit goes EVERYWHERE!
11. The battery charger had been hooked up to maintain battery voltage while I flashed my ECU with the Cobb Accessport.
12. Easily reversible back to stock.