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Why did you remove the rear seats on your RS?

My wife and I don't have any kids, and I don't plan on hauling anyone in the back of my RS. Removing the rear seats and hatch area storage shaved off 97.4 lbs! To keep the weight reduction tasteful I added a nice piece of carpet trim to cover the bare floor. Thanks to Airline Upholstery & Glass (Gonzales, LA) for their excellent work!

Weight reduction aids in performance. In drag racing for every 100 lbs removed your ET drops by 0.1 seconds. I will race my RS more at road course tracks, and removing this weight will help in quicker acceleration, shorter braking distance, and easier rotation for cornering.

Date Completed:

05/13/17, 07/10/17, 08/04/17


- Rear Carpet Kit completed by Airline Upholstery & Glass (Gonzales, LA)


- 1/4" & 3/8" drive ratchets, 6" extension, a few short sockets (T25, T40, T50, 10mm)
- Flat blade screwdriver to open the rear seat back lock on each side = (2)
- Flashlight or Movable shop lighting
*A friend for moral support is always optional.


1. Demo takes about 1 hour or less. I took my time because of taking pictures for this website.
2. Only (2) wiring plugs need to be disconnected for this swap. FENG amplifier plug and subwoofer plug.
3. Demoed pieces include driver/passenger side rear seats, middle seatbelt bracket, FENG amplifier, subwoofer, air compressor, fix-a-flat can, and rear storage tray/cover.
4. Easily reversible back to stock.
5. Weight breakdown:
   - Passenger side rear seat bottom & seat back = 23.2 lb
   - Driver side rear seat bottom = 11.6 lb
   - Driver side rear seat back + (2) rear floormats = 34.4 lb
   - Driver side rear hatch foam storage + rear hatch flat deck = 13.0 lb
   - Rear seat belt retractors, rear seat lower & upper anchor points = 6.4 lb
   - Pass side rear foam storage, subwoofer, (2) rear seat bottom brackets, fix-a-flat can, air compressor, rear middle seat belt base, subwoofer bracket / bolt, FENG amp, seat bolts = 15.2 lb
   - Total weight removed = 111.2 lb! (Add back 7.4 lb for my custom rear carpet kit) = 103.8 lb savings.
6. Front toe hook + wheel lock = 1.6 lb (decided to keep these in the glove box, not part of the 111.2 lb)
    *These weights were all taken with my bathroom scale. Don't get too excited as I may be off a few pounds here or there.
7. Images 65-71 were added on 07/10/17 after getting the rear carpet kit completed. Amazing work by Stephen at Airline Upholstery & Glass!
8. Images 72-100 were added on 08/04/17 after removing the rear seat belts and rear seat lower & upper anchor points.
   - Total additional weight removed = 6.4 lb.