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Why did you install a Valentine One in your RS?

My Focus RS is a hot hatchback. It's very difficult to drive the speed limit due to the fun factor that this car generates at speed. I wouldn't say it's necessarily a cop magnet, because most cops think it's just a stock Focus (ST).

To minimize the police impact during my driving adventures, I decided to install a Valentine One (V1) radar detector. This is THE radar detector to have. Want to complete the Cannibal Run across the US and beat the best time? Better have a V1 as part of your web of protection (along with Laser jammers and other assorted electronic weaponary). The V1 provides coverage for all types of radar used in the United States (X, K, KA and Laser). For the best results it is recommended to mount the V1 in the middle of the windshield (below the rearview mirror) so the rear sensor can shoot out the back window, and the front sensor has an unobstructed view of the path ahead.

I chose to hardwire the V1 so that I don't have a bulky cord hanging down for power. This meant tapping an existing fuse in the passenger footwell. Run the V1 flat power cord inside the headliner, behind the passenger a-pillar, and into the passenger footwell to the fuse box. I used an add-a-circuit to gain power from the F85 fuse (radio) in my RS. For ease of setup I chose to add the V1connection LE to my V1. The V1connection LE is a bluetooth module that will allow me to configure the V1 from my iPhone using the V1connection app.

Date Completed:



- Valentine One (
- V1connection LE for iOS (
- JXV1 Rearview Mirror Mount (
- Add-A-Circuit Mini (
- Insulated female spade connector (my toolbox spares)
- Various zip ties


- Needle nose pliers (to pull mini fuse)
- 8mm ratcheting wrench (glovebox bolt for ground)
- Flatblade screwdriver
- Wire stripping pliers
- Wire crimper


1. No wiring plugs need to be removed for this installation.
2. I hardwired the V1 using an add-a-circuit fuse tap to F85 in the passenger footwell fuse box.
3. I removed the butt connector from the add-a-circuit, and I replaced it with an insulated female spade connector to plug into the V1 harness.
4. The 2016 RS rearview mirror plastic shroud does not need to be removed for this installation with my chosen V1 mount.
5. Use a flatblade screwdriver (if necessary) to aid in tucking the flat (not coiled) power cord for the V1 into the headliner.
6. Use the factory clips behind the passenger a-pillar to route the V1 flat power cord. Do not block the a-pillar air bag!
7. Ground the V1 harness to one of the 8mm bolts that hold the glove box to the tubular cross brace below the dash.
8. The JXV1 mount comes with a 3mm allen wrench. I did not use the longer bolts provided for the mount.
9. Reversible back to stock.
10. Total weight added = 0.84 lb.