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Why did you put Massive Speed Adjustable Rear Camber Arms on your RS?

Most factory stock vehicles will not have an optimal suspension for racing applications due to set criteria on NVH and cheap budgets set by the corporate bean counters. The general public doesn't want a harsh ride, yet the weekend racing enthusiast wants better handling and performance from their newly purchased vehicle. Who wants a land yacht feeling with tons of body roll while trying to negotiate an autox slalom? Not this guy.

Although Ford has a decent setup for the RS there is always room for improvement. In steps Massive Speed System to make things better from a chassis stiffening standpoint. I chose the Rear Adjustable Camber Arms, Rear Adjustable Toe Arms, and a Rear Strut Bar from Massive Speed System. This set of adjustable rear camber arms will help me dial in the rear suspension for improved grip and better performance for those weekend track events or spirited backroad adventures. Once you lower a RS there just isn't much adjustment (if any) from the factory suspension components (camber/toe).

Date Completed:



- Massive Speed System Adjustable Rear Camber Arms (
- Permatex blue / Loctite for bolts
- Sharpies to mark bolts for movement
- Sweet Tea (optional)


- 1/2" breaker bar, 1/2" drive ratchet, 1/4" drive ratchet, various extensions, various sockets (19mm, 15mm, 8mm)
- Dikes side cutters / razor to cut zip ties
- Factory RS wheel lock key (in glove box?)
- 1/2" Torque wrench (85 lb-ft, 100 lb-ft)
- 3/8" Torque wrench (35 lb-ft)
- (2) Crescent wrenches (thumb detecting nut fuckers)
- Hammer / block of hard wood
- Center punch / hammer punch / screwdriver
- Jack + jack stands
- Pry bar
- 9,000 lb 4-post lift (optional, but highly recommended!)
*A friend for moral support is always optional. If friend isn't available Pandora will suffice.


1. Install takes a few hours or so. I took my time because of taking pictures for this website.
2. No wiring plugs need to be disconnected for this swap.
3. Follow along in the pictures for removal/replacement process.
4. Don't fully tighten/torque the adjustable rear camber arm bolts until the RS is back on the ground with the suspension loaded.
5. Torque specs =
     100 lb-ft for (5) lug nuts each side
     85 lb-ft for (4) 19mm Rear Camber Arm bolts (with Permatex blue)
     35 lb-ft for (2) Pinch Bolts (with Permatex blue)
     *Note: I put anti-seize on all of my lug nuts. Reduced my torque to 75 lb-ft (25% reduction due to lubricated threads).
6. Leftover parts = rear camber arms (2), rear camber arm bolts (4).
7. Looks stock because of the "Conspiracy" texture/color.
8. Easily reversible back to stock.
9. Weights:
    OE Rear Camber Arms = 6.40 lb.
    Massive Speed System Adjustable Rear Toe Arms = 6.80 lb.
    Total weight added = 0.40 lb.