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Why did you install JBR TCBB in your RS?

No one likes a sloppy manual shifter in their race car. The JBR TCBB eliminate some of the slop from the transmission end of the shifter cable in the RS. This compliments the JBR Short Shifter and Shifter Base Bushings very nicely. Much better shifter feel overall.

Date Completed:



- JBR Focus RS TCBB Kit
- Sharpie to mark bolts
- Sweet Tea (optional)


- 1/4" drive ratchet, 6" extension, a short 10mm socket
- Flat blade and Phillips screwdrivers to remove the transmission shift cable
*A friend for moral support is always optional.
*Pandora set to "The Steeldrivers" for tunes.


1. Install takes about 30 mins or less. I took my time because of taking pictures for this website.
2. Visit my modification page for installing the JBR Short Shifter to see how to remove the battery and airbox to gain access for this install.
3. Easily reversible back to stock.