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Why did you install RT660 Tires on your RS?

Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R tires were discontinued in late 2021. Warehouse stock was snatched up pretty quickly, and I didn't get a set. Japan released a successor, the RE-71RS, but the US would not be getting them until later in 2022. I did not have time to wait.

In place of the discounted RE-71Rs, I chose 275/35/18 Falken Azenis RT660 tires. They are street legal, so I get to drive to the local autox venue. New Orleans is a little further, so I will continue to trailer my RS to keep the miles down. This also keeps the heat cycles down, which leads to longer tire life.

The RT660 tires are currently one of the top street legal autox tires out there. I know for a fact they were a helluva lot cheaper than the Hoosier A7 slicks, but they were a few hundred dollars more than the RE-71R tires. Only time will tell if I can learn how to drive my RS all over again with these new tires. What pressures will I run? Do I need to bring a water sprayer to keep the surface temperature down during the summer?

Date Completed:



- (4) Falken Azenis RT660 tires, 275/35R18 (local Discount Tire)
- Sweet Tea (optional)



Tire History:

04/14/22 (Set #1)
- 04/24/22 Autox, 6 runs, Lamar Dixon
- 01/15/23 Autox, 6 runs, NOLA Motorsports Park
- 03/26/23 Autox, 7 runs, NOLA Motorsports Park (FTD, TPAX)
- 04/16/23 Autox, 6 runs, NOLA Motorsports Park
- 05/14/23 Autox, 6 runs, Lamar Dixon (FTD, TPAX)
- 05/21/23 Autox, 7 runs, NOLA Motorsports Park
- 06/25/23 Autox, 6 runs, NOLA Motorsports Park
   (44 runs total)


1. Discount Tire did the install again.
2. No wiring plugs need to be disconnected/reconnected for this installation.
3. The OEM Focus RS locking lugs can't be used for the Enkei wheels because they are too large in diameter to fit the hole.
4. Torque specs = 100 lb-ft for lug nuts.
     *Note: I put anti-seize on my lugs. Reduced my torque to 75 lb-ft (25% reduction due to lubricated threads).
5. Reversible back to stock for street driving. However, these tires ARE street legal.
6. Weights:
     (1) OE Ford Performance Forged Wheel, 19x8", 50mm offset + Bridgestone Pilot Super Sport, 235/35R19 = 47.20 lb.
     (1) Enkei RPF1, 18x9", 35mm offset + Falken Azenis RT660, 275/35R18 + Plastic Hub Centric ring = 47.00 lb.
     Total weight reduction = 0.8 lb. (4 wheels/tires)
7. If your TPMS light ever comes on for running aftermarket wheels without TPMS sensors, follow the procedure below to reset it.
    As seen in picture 11 below, place your factory wheels next to the aftermarket set. It doesn't matter what wheel/tire goes at what corner.
     1) Air up the factory tires to 44 psig. Place them next to the aftermarket set.
     2) Get in the driver seat with the key. Press the Ignition button once without the clutch depressed to the "ON" position.
     3) Push the hazard light button (6) times within 5 seconds. The horn will sound once.
     4) The message screen will display "TRAIN LEFT FRONT TIRE".
     5) Make sure the Left Front factory wheel/tire is close to the aftermarket one at that corner.
     6) Wait until the horn sounds once. I did not need to release any pressure out. Just wait a minute or so.
     7) Repeat step (6) for each message, "TRAIN RIGHT FRONT TIRE" *horn*, "TRAIN RIGHT REAR TIRE" *horn*, "TRAIN LEFT REAR TIRE" *horn*.
     8) After the horn sounds for the left rear tire, the process is complete.
8. On 07/27/20 I disabled my TPMS using FORScan. Click here for more details.