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Why did you put a UK Cup Holder in your RS?

The factory US cup holder in the Focus RS is a very simple design. In the UK the cup holder has many options to choose from for storing things. The (2) drink holder rails can be moved into any position on the rails from front to back. There's also a secret compartment in the front where a trap door opens to provide a deeper space for taller drinks. Lastly, if you aren't using the cup holder you can slide the top door closed to cover it. The sliding top door makes it look so much better than the US version.

Date Completed:



- UK Cup Holder from Foray Motor Group


- 1/4" drive ratchet, 6" extension, various sockets (10mm, T20, T25)
- Flatblade screwdriver to remove Passenger Airbag light trim piece tabs
- Harbor Freight 4-piece Nylon Pry Bar Installer Kit
- Flashlight or Movable shop lighting
*A friend for moral support is always optional. If friend isn't available Pandora will suffice.


1. Install takes about 2 hours or so. I took my time because of taking pictures for this website.
2. Be gentle on removing the trim pieces. Several folks on the forum have mentioned breaking pieces and having to order replacements.
3. No need to pull the cover plate from the center console side skirts until after the skirts are removed. You can push the cover off from behind.
4. Make sure to unhook the (3) passenger side center console wiring harnesses from the shifter base where they have (2) retention clips. Otherwise the center console can't be removed.
5. Wiring connectors that need to be removed = (3) passenger side center console skirt, (1) Passenger airbag light, (6) HVAC panel, and (1) cup holder light.
6. Wiring connector that gets unplugged but not used again = cup holder light harness.
7. The Passenger Airbag light trim piece is a little challenging. Used a flatblade screwdriver to pull up on the (2) center tabs while pulling out on the piece.
8. Biggest PITA is removing the HVAC control panel USB hub plug. Used a flatblade screwdriver in (3) spots to loosen the connector.
9. The UK Cup Holder doesn't have a provision for a light like the US Cup Holder. No worries here.
10. Make DAMN sure you route the (3) passenger side center console wiring harnesses under the center console before you bolt it back down. Ask me how I know!
11. Looks factory because that's how they come over in Europe! :)
12. Easily reversible back to stock.