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Why did you install RE-71R Tires on your RS?

It's sad to say the Hoosiers didn't last that long. I only got 64 autox runs out of them before all (4) pretty much corded and reached the end of their life. When I say the traction fell off, it FELL OFF!

In their place I chose 275/35/18 Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R tires. They are street legal, so I get to drive to the local autox venue. New Orleans is a little further, so I will still bring them in the hatch and swap them out at the track. This keeps the heat cycles down, which leads to longer tire life.

The RE-71R tires are currently one of -if not the- #1 street legal autox tire out there. I know for a fact they were a helluva lot cheaper than the Hoosier A7 slicks. Only time will tell if I can learn how to drive my RS all over again with these new tires. What pressures will I run? Do I need to bring a water sprayer to keep the surface temperature down during the summer?

Date Completed:



- (4) Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R tires, 275/35R18 (local Discount Tire)
- Sweet Tea (optional)



Tire History:

- 05/26/19 Autox, 6 runs, Lamar Dixon
   (6 runs total)


1. Discount Tire did the install again.
2. No wiring plugs need to be disconnected/reconnected for this installation.
3. The OEM Focus RS locking lugs can't be used for the Enkei wheels because they are too large in diameter to fit the hole.
4. Torque specs = 100 lb-ft for lug nuts.
     *Note: I put anti-seize on my lugs. Reduced my torque to 75 lb-ft (25% reduction due to lubricated threads).
5. Reversible back to stock for street driving. However, these tires ARE street legal.
6. Weights:
     (1) OE Ford Performance Forged Wheel, 19x8", 50mm offset + Bridgestone Pilot Super Sport, 235/35R19 = 47.20 lb.
     (1) Enkei RPF1, 18x9", 35mm offset + Bridgestone RE-71R, 275/35R18 + Plastic Hub Centric ring = 44.60 lb.
     Total weight reduction = 10.40 lb. (4 wheels/tires)