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Where'd you race today?

(3) of the local RS owners decided to go autocrossing at the Lamar Dixon Facility in Gonzales, LA today.

I arrived at the Lamar Dixon Facility around 8:00am. Once I got registered and passed tech, I swapped the OE Forged wheels + Michelin Pilot Super Sports for my 18x9 Enkei RPF1 wheels + 275/35/18 Hoosier A7 tires. As usual, I got to work the morning shift. Two of us RS owners ran in the Street Mod (SM) class again today, and (1) ran in the B Street (BS) class. I got to watch the other RS owners race, and we all gave each other advice where we thought the others needed it. I try and learn every single time I autox.

Racers got (6) runs again. I love Cenla SCCA! Weather was beautiful all day. Afternoon session hovered around 70F.

Click on the pictures below to see the course map, raw results, run results, overall standings, and car setup. I took 1st in the SM category by 1.642 seconds ahead of Chris in his RS (full suspension, RE-71s, and self-tuned mad power/torque). Out of 43 drivers I had FTD (Fastest Time of the Day) by 1.395 seconds. With an aggressive 0.853 factor against me, I finished 7th in PAX standings. I would have had to run a 43.727 to finish top in PAX. That ain't happening. I left time on the course, but not another 2.162 seconds.

Notes for my 45.889 run:

All racers got 6 runs. My 6th run was my quickest. The last (hero) lap helped!
Note: I turned off Burble+ (pops) for my first (3) runs. I turned it back on for my last (3) runs. Clearly it helps! :)

1. Tune+ W400 kit, full exhaust, JBR motor mounts, JBR shifter
2. Launch control ON at 4000rpm. ESC + Traction Control OFF. Track Mode. Sport Dampers off (MCS TT1 suspension).
3. 275/35/18 Hoosier A7 tires. Hot pressures = 34 psi front, 24 psi rear. Camber = -3.1 front, -2.9 rear. Zero toe F/R.
4. Front MCS shocks at 15 out of 18 clicks, and the rear at 9 out of 18 clicks.
5. Full tank of 93 octane from Walmart.
6. 282.46 lb of weight reduction.
7. MCS TT1 suspension, Whiteline F&R sway bars, Pierce Motorsports F&R subframe braces, and Massive (Rear) Strut Brace + Camber Arms + Toe Arms.
8. Estimated vehicle race weight 3195 lb.
9. Odometer passed 4500 miles today.
10. Total runs on the Hoosier A7's so far: (36).