Car was
delivered on
What is the PDI and what takes place during delivery? Read more
I transported
my RS to
the detail shop.
I dropped the RS off for paint correction and protection.
Suntek PPF C and Nanolex Si3D HD coating were applied.
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What are
my plans
for the engine?
I plan on a handful of modifications to boost the Ecoboost 2.3L turbocharged engine performance well over 400 WHP/WTQ. Read more

Waited for 7 months!

The 2016/17 Focus RS is a Global car for Ford made in Saarlouis, Germany. Final numbers aren't released, but total production is low. I ordered April 2016 and received my RS in late November.

Welcome to my Focus RS site!

This site is dedicated to my 2016 Ford Focus RS. Consider it a build diary. No blogs around these parts.

Check back frequently to see what latest modification I've added to my RS, what track I raced at, or the last car show I attended.