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What happened today?

My 2016 Focus RS was delivered to the dealer on 11/21/16! Paperwork and pickup were not until the next day. It was a nervous 24 hours!

I asked my buddy, John, to trailer the RS to my house. My reasoning was to minimize road hazards before the paint protection film and nanocoatings were applied.


1. RS had 5 miles on the odometer.
2. After my request the dealer allowed me to watch the entire Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI).
3. I was probably the first customer to refuse the complimentary free tank of gas (trailered the RS home).    :)
4. Revised 03/10/17 to include PDI report and RS Internet Forum Delivery Checklist (images below).

Build Date History:

Ordered: 04/20/16
Selected for Scheduling: 06/24/16
Scheduled Build Date: 09/16/16
ETIS Build Dates: 09/19/16, 09/20/16, 09/22/16
Confirmed on a Boat: 10/13/16
Arrived at Dealer: 11/21/16
PDI & Trailer home: 11/22/16