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What'd you do today?

Completed my first oil change today at 1070 miles. I won't bore you with oil change photos, but below are pictures from underneath my Focus RS.


1. Thanks to my buddy John for letting me borrow time on his Rotary 2-post lift!
2. John provided 2 small pieces of wood to drive on with the front wheels so the front lift arms could clear the front jack points.
3. Sorry my Focus RS is so dirty. I haven't washed it since I drag raced it a few weeks back. Work/Rain/Excuses...
4. Man people weren't lying. That driveshaft is teeny tiny back at the rear drive unit (RDU).
5. Undertray below the engine isn't difficult at all to remove. Not sure why people complain about it.
6. Picture #08 confirmed my prayers were answered. No dreaded power transfer unit (PTU) leak to be found!
7. After the oil change we installed the Mountune SSC. Click here to see that install.