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Where'd you race today?

(3) of the local RS owners decided to go autocrossing at the Lamar Dixon Facility in Gonzales, LA today.

We arrived at the Lamar Dixon Facility around 8:15am. Once I got registered and passed tech, I got to work the course before getting runs in. All (3) RS owners ran in different classes today (BS, ASP, SM). I got to watch Chris run ASP, but Brian (BS) and I (SM) ran in the same heat.

Click on the pictures below to see the course map, run results, and overall standings. I took the SM category by 1.323 seconds over (2) STi's and a Roush Mustang. Not too shabby for stock suspension and tires. I can't wait until I get full suspension, lighter wheels, and RE-71R tires!

Notes for my 41.856 run:

All racers got 6 runs. My 6th run was my quickest. Practice makes perfect, right? :)

1. Tune+ W400 kit, full exhaust, JBR motor mounts, JBR shifter
2. Launch control ON at 4000rpm. ESC + Traction Control OFF. Track Mode. Sport Dampers.
3. OEM Pilot Super Sports. Hot pressures = 42 psi front, 35 psi rear.
4. 1/2 tank of 93 octane from Valero.
5. 149 lb of weight reduction.
6. Completely stock suspension.
7. Odometer passed 3000 miles today.