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Where'd you race today?

I decided to go autocrossing at NOLA Motorsports Park in New Orleans, LA today.

I trailered my RS again to this event. This keeps the miles off the RS and eliminates the need to swap from street wheels/tires to my autox setup. I arrived at NOLA Motorsports Park around 7:45am. I then registered and passed tech. Delta SCCA split up the runs into (2) heats. I got (3) runs then worked. We all took a 45 minute lunch. Then I ran my final (3) runs and worked to complete the day. This event was my 2nd assignment as Deputy Site Safety Steward. I ran in the Street Mod (SM) class.

Weather started with a 80F sunny morning, peaked with a high of 89F, and dropped to 78F after a light rain hit in the afternoon with lightning all around us.

Click on the pictures below to see the raw results, and run results. I took 1st in the SM category by 4.644 seconds. Out of 41 drivers I had the 2nd fastest Raw time (0.077 seconds behind FTD).

Notes for my 41.449 run:

All racers got 6 runs. My 4th run was my quickest.

1. Tune+ W400 kit, full exhaust, JBR motor mounts, JBR shifter
2. Launch control ON at 4000rpm. ESC + Traction Control OFF. Track Mode. Sport Dampers off (MCS TT1 suspension).
3. 275/35/R18 Bridgestone RE-71R tires. Final hot pressures = 34 psi front, 23 psi rear. Camber = -3.1 front, -2.9 rear. Zero toe F/R.
4. Front MCS shocks at 15 out of 18 clicks, and the rear at 9 out of 18 clicks.
5. Just below 1/2 tank of 93 octane from Walmart.
6. 282.46 lb of weight reduction.
7. MCS TT1 suspension, Whiteline F&R sway bars, Pierce Motorsports F&R subframe braces, and Massive (Rear) Strut Brace + Camber Arms + Toe Arms.
8. Estimated vehicle race weight 3190 lb.
9. Odometer passed 5807 miles today.
10. Total runs on the Bridgestone RE-71R tires so far: (29).